AO (and some FX) for interiors: AD06

A sketchy villa with lots of glass and a naturally lit from above stair.

  • Resolution: 1540x742 (my 5 yo Toshiba screen, Windows 7, SU 17 Pro);
  • All renderings in “Low”;
  • For AO, all setting identical;
  • No pp (post production, such as Photoshop) for all images.

I wish more people would show their AO & FX translations of SU projects…

Really nice renderings Romark; we’re going to contact the other SketchFX’s users to ask them to join this forum.


Looks great. How did you do the water reflection?
Nevermind, I see they are not real reflections.

Water from SketchUP materials, eventually modified (size, transparency, color).
For “real reflections” you need other rendering software (I use TWILIGHT).

Yes - these are all just wonderful renders!!

Chippwalters asked: "How did you do the water reflection?"
so for the reflections you composed them with rendered ones?