Deactivating Licenses

I’m transitioning to a new computer. How do I deactivate my license?

Hi Taylor,
we’ve sent you an email with all the instructions.


Worked great! Thanks.

Why not put the instructions here so that others will have them when needed?

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Hi I have the same Issue. I would like to deregister an old computer and reregeister a new computer.

Can I get those instructions? I just built a new PC and am moving from my mac but need help. Thanks

i need to de-activate my license as well. Can you post those instructions please?

Hi Alberto,

Can you please email them to me again, I did not receive them. I also checked my spam folder and I have no emails from Fluid Interactive.


Hi guys,
You simply need to click the “Manage licenses” button contained in the purchase confirmation email and follow the instructions. If you don’t have it, please PM me and I’ll give you the link.