"Image from Scene" issues


I’ve just bought a copy of SketchFX, and I am having issues using the “Image from Scene” setting, especially when using as a Depth Mask.

I’m running on a Mac, Monterey 12.3.1 and SketchUp 2022 version 22.0.315. I believe I am running 3.1.1. of SketchFX. I have AutoUpdate turned off, to improve responsiveness.

I’m not sure if something has changed within SketchUp in the way that Scenes are enumerated, but after applying an “effect” a few time, any scene reference seems to start to start to use the next scene in the list.

For example, if I set my Scene number to “4” in the “Image from Scene” properties, after a few iterations SketchFX will start to use scene 5. At this point, the SketchFX UI starts to lockout and I have to restart Sketchup.

If you need some additional information, please let me know.

Many thanks.

Dear S4G,
Can you please send us a simple project showing this issue? We’ll look into it and try to find a solution. I’ll send you a private message with our support email address.

Dear Alberto,

Many thanks for your very prompt response. I will try to narrow down the steps required to reproduce the issue. Once I have done that I can send them over along with a project to demonstrate.

I did try to create a simple project to illustrate the issue yesterday, but I cannot recreate the issue within it, so I don’t think it will be valuable for me to send it over until I can give you a little more information.

The problem seems to arise when using multiple scenes to hide and show groups and components. What I am trying to achieve is to have all existing architecture rendered in black and white, and all “newly designed” architecture rendered in colour. When I send the project I will explain the scenario.

I have your email address, so I will send a link to DropBox when I have some reproducible steps.

Thanks again for the prompt reply!