[?] Import of XFrog .obj models fails to import textures

I’ve purchased several XFrog .obj models but have had no success importing them with Fluid Importer into SketchUp 2016 for use in Thea Render. The models imports but loses the materials/textures.
Several weeks ago I sent an inquiry into Customer Support about this and received only a “Thanks for reporting the issue. We’ll look into that.” reply.

I notice that others on this forum (Steve_OH for example) are having similar problems but no generic solutions.

Bob, can you please provide the file that is causing problems? We tested some XFrog sample files and it seems to work correctly.

Problem is with XFrog’s method of incorporating materials so that, although they are imported into SketchUp, they are not usable with Thea Render.
Not a Fluid Importer issue.

Never did get it to import everything.
How did you deal with making sure the materials get included in the import?

I have some .fbx assets form megascans that I am trying to import but the texture is not importing with the model. please help!

I am happy to email a link to the page admin so you can see the assets, I just need to know who to send it to.