Layout 2017 crashing

I just finished working on a Layout for about 4 hours, your program seems to crash the layout
I inserted your image as a PNG, but that didn’t help.
Whenever I activate your plugin in SketchUp Pro 2017 the layout will not open, so I save the image
and close sketchup, reopen it again with your app disabled and then proceed to layout, then when I inserted
the image the program quit responding. I love the render, but I am not willing to jump through that many hoops
to get the result…any thoughts or ideas as to this problem , and perhaps a solution…

Hi Mrd,
we’ve never encountered this issue and we’re unable to reproduce it. SketchFX should have no interactions with Layout. I’d like to have some more information to understand what’s going on:

  • are you working Windows or OSX?
  • does this problem occur even if you don’t run SketchUp (and SketchFX is enabled in SketchUp) and you start Layout?



Using windows 10 With automatic updates so I guess its current.
I open Sketchup and open file , layout works fine.
I open the render, do a pencil render, save that as a png image. Now when I close the render, and click for layout, it won’t open. If I try to open layout outside Sketchup, it opens with an error message and closes program. The only way I can get to layout again is to reboot the computer, this works until I do a render, then same process, I sent the crash files to trimble so maybe the can give you some insight

Thanks for the feedback. We’ll wait for an hint from Trimble; in the meantime, we’re trying to reproduce the issue. We’ll keep you updated.