MAC beta updates

Just this, i read about the 0.9.3 beta but it´s only for Win Yell
I´m working on a mac and don´t have/want windows license/BootCamp-installation-waste-time. I can install it, of course, but i preffer not to do; but if it´s needed…
I´m now working with 0.9.2 and i´m asking for that because of there is a mac version and didn´t find.
thank you.

I’m sorry, but right now we don’t have the resources to have the MAC version available for beta testing.

don´t bother. I´m want to install windows, but when i try the beta in the virtual machine it ask me for a serial number…that a i haven´t. Want to send you after windows installation.

Yeah, just send me the activation code and I’ll send you back the serial number.