Mac version 2.1.12

I’ve been using AmbientOcclusion 2.5 in SketchUp 2018 but I’m looking for a more accurate renderer for SU 2019 and beyond, so I subscribed to FluidRay to give it a whirl. I’m blown away by the realism in such insanely short render times on an older 2013 MacBook Pro. However…

Is it accurate to say that the Mac version is missing a bunch of features compared to the Windows version? I can’t edit materials, I can’t seem to reapply a material in my model to surfaces which I’ve changed to a library material, and the few available keyboard shortcuts are insanely non-standard (shift-clicking to get a pop-up menu when right-clicking or control-clicking is the norm?).


Hi Brock,

I’m glad that you appreciate FluidRay speed!

The Mac version has the same features as the Window version. Please note that FluidRay is in continuous development, and if you find some missing features, just let us know, we’ll try to add them in the upcoming releases.

You should be able to edit a material by selecting the object and then going to the Material tab in the Editor window on the right side.

We are adding the possibility to remove the assigned material and reset to the imported one in one of the upcoming versions.

We did this to reserve the right-click to the context menu, which will add soon. Left click/Left Click+Shift is used for selection only. The reason for this is because users are used to select with left click and bring up the context menu with right click.

Please don’t hesitate to ask questions, we really appreciate your feedback!