Nice non-realistic but sophisticated style

Dear developers,

SketchFX makes Sketchup complete. Here I was looking for since a long time.

I really like the style as shown in the example below (by StudioSka), it is non-realistic but sophisticated. Is it possible to generate such a kind of style with SketchFX? I’m tweaking for a few hours now, but don’t get the result.

Thank you in advance for your help!

Kind regards,

Hi Jeroen,
I’ve prepared a preset to achieve a similar result: (819 Bytes)

Here you are a couple of renderings done with it (thank you for the model):

The first one uses AmbientOcclusion (our rendering plugin for SketchUp) to generate an ambient occlusion layer. In order to use AmbientOcclusion together with SketchFX, you need to:
1- render the scene with AmbientOcclusion;
2- save the rendering as image;
3- create an Image Layer in SketchFX and load the ambient occlusion image;
4- set “multiply” as blend mode in the image layer.
We’re planning an integration of AmbientOcclusion inside SketchFX to make this process easier.

Let me know if you need further assistance,

Here is another rendering, done with the upcoming SketchFX update (using AmbientOcclusion integration):

can we get this preset? Also, maybe we could all share presets that we come up with?

Hi David,
this preset is already available in SketchFX: it’s name is “Architectural 2 AO” and “Architectural 2”. The first one uses AmbientOcclusion integration, so you need a copy of AmbientOcclusion to use it.


huh, this is what I get with Architectural 2 AO. Does not look good at all.

Have you tried reducing the size parameter in the blur layer?