Problem AmbientOcclusion


Sorry my english very bad…I have purchased SketchFX pro And now I have Ploblem

Now I can not use Sketch fx _Help me please


That preset you are trying to use requires AmbientOcclusion, but you don’t have a valid license of AmbientOcclusion installed (and the AmbientOcclusion trial has expired). If you want to use AmbientOcclusion in your presets, you need to purchase a license of AmbientOcclusion (either the Ex or Pro version).


Oh! I see, thank you. If I have only AmbientOcclusion ( don’t have Sketch FX ) Can I use it to Render?


Hi Thanapol_Changdaeng,
Plaease help us to understand: in the first message you said that you said that you’ve purchased SketchFX and now you’re saying that you don’t have SketchFX. Can you please clarify?


I have purchased SketchFX But I want to know " If don’t have SketchFX " only AmbientOcclusion , Can I use it to Render?
Sorry again , my english very bad.


If your question is: “I have SketchFX but I don’t have AmbientOcclusion, can I still render with SketchFX?”, the answer is yes, but there’s a limitation: you can just use the presets not containing an AmbientOcclusion layer (their names end with “AO”). For almost every preset containing AmbientOcclusion there’s another preset not using it.


I 'm understand, I ordered the wrong program. is it possible, If I pay increase the difference. And change SketchFX to AmbientOcclusion?


Thanapol_Changdaeng, I’ve sent you a private message.