Render samsung

Hello ; i create the model using blender and rhino
and i make video to show how to work with multiple view and hdri and how to use focal distance
i hope when import object we can remove some parts or hide them
i don’t understand how we can add glow ? and how to use many options ; if the developper create new help this will be very useful

<img src='/uploads/default/28/542f86c007c9716c.jpg'>
<img src='/uploads/default/33/698b989bde734bfe.jpg'>
<img src='/uploads/default/39/38d4f8da48f9f168.jpg'>
<img src='/uploads/default/44/41feae8d3ae74d5b.jpg'>

Hi Seghier,
I edited your post so images are directly visible. Nice contribution btw!
Also, we are planning to add a bunch of new tutorials, stay tuned!


Many thanks Nicola :)
I wait to see new tutorials

Very good job, thanks for the video.

Thank you tonilluchSmile