Some questions

  • what is and how it works Obj material?
  • i tried sun & sky but the render result so blurred, how can i fix it?
  • what is “medium” on material parameters and others?
  • is it possible doing deep of field, how?
  • istancer and surface istancer, what is different?

thx Kiss

The obj material is a particular material that is designed to match as closely as possible the materials included in obj files. When an obj file is imported, all objects have an obj material assigned to them.
Can you provide an image showing the blurred image for the sun/sky?
The medium is the type of material that is under the surface, which could be air (vacuum) the case of an empty sphere, or dielectric in the case of a glass sphere, etc. We are planned to publish a tutorial about it.
For an explanation of the material parameters, please look at the “Material Basics” tutorial.
For depth of field, change the “lens radius” in the camera node (renderer->camera->depth_of_field)
For instancing, we’ll soon publish a tutorial.

thx for reply,
here’s the image:
The blur value on light settings is set to 0. I tried 1 and other too, but nothing change.

I cannot access the link

ye, sorry:

It looks like it’s the depth of field. Click on the IntegratorRenderer Node, then in the attribute editor on the right go to the camera and set the “lens_radius” parameter to 0.
It could also be the filter that is too wide. Did you change the filter in some way?