Texture from skp

Hello, I`m new in fluidray randering and I have a problem…

When imported, some textures just gone mad. I keep finding ways to solve many of that problems but this one is tuff. Fluid symply turning them around-sending pics of a drower from skp and fr…
Alsow, does anyone knows what happend with the bottle on last pic :woozy_face:

[pic from sketchup - this direction of wooden texture I want ]
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pic from fluidray - this is how it turned out
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How can I fix this bottle label?
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Hi…I’m also a noob here as well trying to figure out all the quirks and little issues with FluidRay.

I did run into a similar issue with “faceting” of a compound surface created in SKP.

First thing I did was go back into SKP model and make sure my round component (in your case the bottle) was actually made up of enough segments in the cylinder to avoid seeing any facets in the 3D shape. I changed mine to 60 segments of the circle then created the 3D form with a follow-me action.

Next I updated the SKP file in FluidRay and zoomed right in to the shape in the scene and had the render run for a few minutes to see what the result was going to be. It seemed to fix it for me.

Its hard to see what the bottle looked like in your SKP file, does it have the facets showing there…is your material (the label) used as a “projected texture”? That may help with getting rid of the repeating pattern.

As FluidRay runs off the CPU and not the GPU, there may be some reason related to memory or system performance of your computer. I’m no techie, but I have no other apps, or software running when I am rendering through FluidRay. If nothing else but to allocate all my computer power to getting a render output as fast as possible…and It still maxes out my 3GHz, 10-core (20 virtual cores), 64GB RAM, MAC.

FluidRay seems to be “figure-it-out-as-you-go” and finding any real information or help is hard to do.

Good luck! :slight_smile:

Hi Ivana,

Would you mind sharing the model here for us to take a look? Even if it’s just parts of it, such as the bottle and the piece of forniture that is coming out wrong.

Hey guys, thank you for the suggestions. Here I am looking at the bottle in the sketchup and I don’t see what the problem is. At the same time it is not clear to me what happened to the color of the sofa…some colors that I adjust in Skp spin nicely from the sketchup and some come in FR in the original version, so I think it may be painted surfaces and the whole object remains in the basic tone, I have no idea. Is it possible to replace the sides with front / back textures in the fluidray?

I am sending those models you asked
model with bottle .skp

model with bottle .frp

The download links don’t work, it says I don’t have the required permissions

Uploading: Dnevni boravak - Duda&Marko 3D fluidray TEST.zip…

and for those wood textures :unamused: :face_with_head_bandage:
I tryed to group every single drower and to do orient faces in skp and thad gived me a result, in fluidray i could chandge texture one by one, but that is crazy to do with every single surface of all furniture…we make furniture so it is very important to show directions of textures… and than i tried to make a group of all four drovers as diagonal but fluidray again pulled it out vertical just like that :confounded: what sould i do to be sure that render will look like i set it up in sketchup??

how do you suggest to upload .skp and .frp of that botle??

Hi Ivana, are you still having trouble with the bottle?

I looked at the SKP file and your bottle is only made up of 24 edges / faces. That may be part of the problem why you see facets in the final render. As you can see the wine glass is made up of many more edges / faces that it looks really smooth in FluidRay. I would do the wine bottle with at least 60 edges / faces around its circular form.

Also the texture of the bottle is massive compared to the actual bottle itself, maybe try downsizing the original texture in SKP to a more realistic size…rather that the 44’ tall wine bottle it is now :slight_smile:

Screen Shot 2020-12-09 at 2.53.16 PM

Hi Ivana, we got the files, thanks. We’ll take a look and see what’s wrong with the files.

We found the problem with the bottle texture, it will be fixed in the upcoming release of FluidRay.

Most likely that will fix also the drawer problem. Just in case, can you please share the drawer model as well so we can test?

We released a new version (2.4.2) FluidRay that fixes the texture issues.

Where do we find the download for (2.4.2) ??

Thanks :slight_smile:

See here:

@3dskica maybe you should explode that glass model at sketchup , then export to fluidray