Translate node - Some requests

Hi guys!

First of all, thanks for sharing Viz at this point of development. I’m deeply interested in it but I’m finding it hard to understand.

I’ll start with translate:

When we look at the node we immediatelly understand that it moves geometry from one point to the other and we have the values immediatelly shown when hovering. However:

  • We have a single slider for 3 vectors;
  • We cannot set vector values individually;
  • It would be cool if we would easily copy and array using it as sketchup does.

Keep the good work, I hope this becomes an hit!

Thanks for the feedback, we should be able to include the above in the upcoming version

That’s great nicola.

Another request I have on the sliders is that the values are huge. I guess I’m working in meters and you’re configuring them for mm or inches and so I am starting with 0 and sliding to 4000 and nothing in between. 4 Km is a lot, something similar to 3miles. Most of what I do is measured in some meters.