Viz Pro from scratch

I am an experienced and long term user of Sketchup Pro together with layout for the production of construction drawings for set building. I already use Sketch FX to great effect and am also very happy with the results I am getting from Ambient Occlusion.

I am, however, new to parametric modelling so there would appear to be a steep learning curve ahead. I have watched all the tutorials and practiced with the sample models but I am finding it difficult to get to grips with the fundamentals of Viz Pro. In particular I am trying to cut holes into the faces of
a fluted column. I would like to offset the holes within the faces of the column and then give the shape a thickness so that the holes have a depth. Ideally I would also like to see what it would look like if the holes were offsets in the form of a voronoi diagram that I can control in the same way as the chair in your sample model. I know it is possible but I can’t figure out the process so either you may be able to help me directly or point me to where I can find more in depth tutorial help.

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I am also struggling to find resources to get me started with Vizpro. Could anyone point me to some resources (books, tutorials, anything) to get me started. I am an absolute beginner to parametric design.

Have you check the tutorials on YouTube? There is a playlist with around 10 videos.