A couple of recently finished projects

Hi all,

Here are the final images of a couple of projects I recently finished. Both were modeled in Shade, some models bought, and other downloaded from other sites.

First, the mining site: terrain modeled in Bryce but textured in Photoshop, then everything composed in Shade, and then in Fluidray I used the instancing tool to place the trees and some small retouches in Photoshop:

And here is the beach hotel:

Again, everything composed in Shade with some free and other bought models, then in Fluidray I used the HDRI map of the beach for lighting, blended with its Sun system. Some of the interiors were quite noisy, so I had to reduce the noise using Photoshop.

Hope you like them!


Excellent work! First and last images are my favourites

Hi Diego, very nice!

Thank you Alberto and Nicola!!