A entire volume parametrically defined by one value

Hi, i’d like to be able to model this shell, defined only the by the lenght of its ridge.
I don’t know for example how to extract one point after divide a curve into segments. Cell.zip (103.9 KB)

Thanks for your help

Hi Sarl,

Can you please re-post the file save as SketchUp 2017?

Hi Nicola,

Here is the file in sketchup2017. Thanks for your help!Cell.zip (101.0 KB)

What node do you use to divide a curve into segments? I don’t see it in the file you provided.

Sorry for not being clear enough. My goal is to redo the geometry you see in sketchup which is an truncated octahedron. All ridges have the same lenght and all mesures inside are related with to this ridge lenght. I tried to define points into space and then create surfaces between them. The path i wanted to follow was to create a curve between two point and then divided this curve into segments, extract points and copy/rotate them. I’m not sure this the way i could achieve my goal. How would you do to redo this truncated octahedron?
test2.zip (121.8 KB)

New test here… I nearly achieve what i wantTest4.zip (124.6 KB)