AmbientOcclusion integration

The upcoming release of SketchFX will feature AmbientOcclusion integration. Using AmbientOcclusion will be as simple as adding another layer to your effect. Here’s a comparison between with and without AmbientOcclusion applied:

Without AmbientOcclusion layer:

With AmbientOcclusion layer:

I have purchased SketchFX pro, and am demoing AmbientOcclusion, I am trying to add AmbientOcclusion to a SketchFX as indicated by the website. It appears that it should be an option in the drop-down menu when adding effects in SketchFX, but i am not seeing it. I can use AmbientOcclusion separately, but I cannot seem to “integrate” the two.

I really like the two programs and would be excited to see them blended, can you help me resolve this issue?



Hi Rocky,
you need to download and install the latest version of SketchFX and AmbientOcclusion in order to use the integration feature. You probably have SketchFX 1.0.2; please download the 1.0.3 here:

and simply install it.


Thanks, that worked. However, now when I attempt to use it, it gives me this message in the processing message area: "Error on Lines: No image specified"
Ive seen this error message before when experimenting with other changes in effects and related parameters, what does this message refer to? Also, I haven’t been able to locate a guide or instruction manual for SketchFX or AmbientOcclusion, do you know if there is a PDF guide somewhere?



That error is about a layer called “Lines”: it’s an image layer and needs a input file. Looks like no input file has been specified. Here you are SketchFX help page:


So, Im already a full (and happy) AO-EX user, and now trying out SketchFX.

When I utilize any of the SketchFX presets with AO effects in the stack, it tells me AO is not installed. So, does Sketch FX not know AO’s big brother AO-EX, or is it just a versioning fluke?


Cheers! P

AmbientOcclusion Ex should definitely be recognized by SketchFX. We’ll investigate the issue.

SenovvA_ADP, you need the latest versions of both AO (1.9.7) and SketchFX (1.0.6) in order to user the integration feature. You can check the installed versions by going to SketchUp’s preferences / extensions window; you can download AO and SketchFX here:

If it still doesn’t work, please tell us something about your configuration: operating system, SketchUp version (also if Make or Pro).


Thank you much! The update to AO Ex v1.97 (form v1.93) was the trick! Have purchased SketchFX EX and am happily “off to the races” with output. THANKS!