AmbientOcclusion problem

Hello. I tried to write emails, but I got so slow response time that I couldnt work for the last few weeks. SO … Please help me with my problem. I bought the AmbientOcclusion Pro on 25th Aug 2022 and transformed it to AmbientOcclusion Ex (if this info somehow helps). I got an email with the ORDER ID, PASSWORD ID and USER ID but when I write them I can’t activate because SketchUp says there is no available licences and in order to free a previously activated license and transfer it to this machine to go to my user panel. SO when I open my user panel and click on “Free licence” it says. “In order to transfer a license to a new machine you must free an active license first.” and that there are no activations for this product. In my Licences Tab on my user panel there is "Active licenses - 0 "; “Available licenses - 1”… And yes, I dowloaded the latest version of AmbientOcclusion before the activation process. So can you finally help me, please??? ORDER ID : 40613505 THANKS!

We’ve always replied to your emails within 24hours, unless we didn’t receive some of them. I hope you don’t consider it slow response time. Moreover, you never replied to my last email, where I was asking you to send me a screenshot in case it wasn’t working.
I’m going to contact you again by email to continue the discussion.


Now I got an email from you and sent the screenshots. Hope the problem will be solved.

Problem solved! Thanks for your support!