Animation issue

I downloaded the trial of AmbientOcclusion Ex and whenever I set up my scenes in Sketchup to animate, it always cuts off and doesn’t animate the last scene, any suggestions what is going on. Thanks.

Hi, can you please send us a simple file with this issue?


Would it have anything to do with the fact that maybe my 10 day free trial is over and can animate only the first couple of scenes, are there any stipulations on that? I can’t remember when I downloaded the free trial. I haven’t been notified that my free trial has ended (if in fact it has). Not sure what to send you “send us a simple file with this issue.”

If you’re still able to run AmbientOcclusion, it means that the trial is not expired. “send us a simple file with this issue”: send us a SketchUp project where you encountered this problem (i.e. the last scene is not animated).

I was playing around with it this afternoon. When I opened up the file to animate it, it rendered the four scenes. Yesterday it rendered just the two scenes of the four. This afternoon I added two more scenes to the animation, 5, and 6. When I tried to render it, it just rendered the four scenes, and not 5, and 6, but when I save and closed Sketchup and reopen the file it then rendered all 6 scenes. So I added a 7th scene, it then rendered just 4 scenes, so I closed Sketchup, reopened and tried to render the 7 scenes again and it rendered all 7. My conclusion: if I make any changes to the scenes I must close Sketchup and reopen each time to get all scenes to render. I responded to your email and sent you the simple Sketchup test file, I am on a Mac. Hope we can fix this, it’s a real hassle to open and close all the time. Definitely want to purchase the software.


Thanks for the information, we’re looking into the issue. We didn’t receive any email with your file. I’m sending you a private message with an email address where you can send it.

I just sent the file to you. Thanks.

We just had a look at your file and I think we’ve found the “issue”: when you open a file and run the animation dialog, the “end scene” is set to the current final scene. If you add other scenes you have to make sure to set “end scene” to the last one you added, otherwise it will be set to the final scene it was set when you opened the file.