Archivo del tutorial Editor de materiales

Buenos días,

Estoy siguiendo los diferentes tutoriales en YouTube y en el correspondiente al editor de materiales, describen que se puede descargar el archivo para seguirlo, pero no lo he localizado.

Serían tan amables de compartirlo.
Muchas gracias.

Un saludo.

Hello Jorge,
This forum is English-only, please keep the conversation in this language to benefit our international community. Can you please explain what you are unable to download?

Tutorial file

Good morning,

I am following the different tutorials on YouTube and in the one corresponding to the material editor, they comment that you can download the sketchup file to follow it, but I have not located it.

Would you be so kind to share it.
Thank you so much.

All the best.

Hello Jorge,

Are you referring to the video titled: " Ambient Occlusion 2.0 for SketchUp - Material Editor" ?
We cannot see where the file is mentioned. Can you please provide a screenshot?

Yes, I am referring to the video titled: "Ambient Occlusion 2.0 for Sketchup - Material Editor.
I send a screenshot where it is mentioned.

Hello Jorge, unfortunately the file mentioned in the video is not available anymore.

Hello Nicola
Thanks so much.