Assigning materials to rhino layers

I just started using FluidRay today, I use Rhino 5 on MAC. I can not seem to assign a material to a rhino layer? Is there a way I can assign the same material to different elements in my model that I have organized by layer?

In Rhino, make sure that you objects are set to use the layer’s material. Also, make sure you have a different material for each layer.

In FluidRay, Shift+Click on the object, then All by -> Same Material to select all objects that have the same material assigned.

In the library, right click on the material -> Assign to selection

can I change / flip / rotate the orientation of the material ?

Currently to change the orientation of the material you need to do so inside Rhino, before exporting to FluidRay.

Thanks for adding the new rotation command to the Mac material editor! awesome!