Batch Render 2021 Tags not correct

Just trying this for first time and i am noticing that when batch rendering, the scenes are not being followed correctly. For example, when doing the batch render, all the Layers (Tags) are turned on but that is not meant to be - there are layers that are turned off in each Tag and this is not what is being rendered. please help with this

Hi ltchest,
We couldn’t reproduce the issue, tags are working correctly on our side. Which SU and AmbientOcclusion version are you using?


I am using SU 2021 21.0.391 . Unfortunately i cannot find any Info dialog in your plugins that would tell me which version. However, they are the most recent versions available on your website.
I am noticing the issue only when using AO + SketchFX. I can send you more details as soon as i have time, but it is an ongoing problem

You can check the plugins versions with the extension manager dialog (Window->Extension manager menu and click the grey arrow).
We double checked AO + SketchFX batch rendering and we didn’t find any issue. We’ll be waiting for additional info as soon as you’ve time. A sample file would help, thanks.

Versions are 2.8 & 3.02
The problem i am having is not just about tags, its generally about geometry appearing overlaid on top of other geometry which should not be happening. An obvious cause of this problem would be accidentally having one scene superimposed onto another scene in the effects list - but that is not the case here. It appears to be that AmbientOcclusion is causing wierd results. If you turn off the AO from the effects list it fixes the problem. This is the scene!Av2WHvsgcdGUqOJTLQK2AsPJYXsu1w?e=ufex3d
I have also attached another example from the same scene. First you see the sketchup scene - then if i hit the AO render button, you can see everything goes crazy and it superimposes all the hidden geometry onto of each other.

We’ve found what’s causing the issue. In your scenes you toggle the various “OPTION” tag folders, and not their child tags. AmbientOcclusion, at the moment, does not check for tag’s folder visibility, we’ll fix this for the next release.