Black circles on the wall

Hi, I’m new here and I only have basic knowledge about render 3D. I discovered Ambientocclusion a few weeks ago, and I try to do some render of my sketchup. But I have some weird circles on the wall. Do someone know where it comes from?

Thank you.

Hello, are you using an environment as illumination? If it is so, try rotating the environment slightly.

Hello, I don’t use an environment as illumination. I try to rotate the environment color and the background but it doesn’t resolve the problem :confused:

Please try:

  1. Rotate the view slightly
  2. Slighly change the “Occlusion Distance” parameter

Hello, I tried both but none of them work…
I’m stuck :frowning:

When I move the point of view it moves the circles on the frame. I don’t know if it could help

On the picture, are there multiple faces one on top of each other? For example, is there a face for the picture and a layer of thin glass on top of it? Or maybe the painting is very close to the wall? The problem could be caused by a precision issue. Try removing any overlapping face or move the overlapping faces further apart.

I thought it was the wall but it was the wall frames! So I deleted them and put something else at this place. Problem solved ahah. Thank you for your help :slight_smile: