Clicking Apply Icon, resets scene

Each time I click on the SketchFX Apply Icon the scene resets to the last view angle I previously applied.


  • Expected? SketchFX window always disappears when I change the angle in the scene. Even when I move it to my second monitor.
  • Is there a way to see that the SketchFX is actually over-riding my style choice in SU? I’m not sure if this is functioning properly, in that I seem not to have any indication that the extension is “on” or “off” in the viewport.

Hi Justin,
Please note that when you apply a filter you see the previous rendered image until the SketchFX finishes applying the effect.
SketchFX window disappears when you change the point of view and the current style uses complex filters (like image from style). When SketchFX’s windows is hidden, SketchFX is off; it you’re using “image from style” filters, your current style will be changed during the rendring process, but it should be restored at the end, unless you stop it before it’s finished.