Create an enamal material

I am trying to recreate an opaque glass material. How would I do this?
Is there a différence in réflection from the Standard plastic materials and the glass material. The glass looks closer to my réal samples.
We use a cold entame in solid & transparent versions. So colour is the same, just opacity is different.

Thanks Randy

Hi Randy,

Do you have a picture of the material you are trying to re-create?

Caio Nicola,

Hère is a rendre from Flamingo, I just did with our Transparent enamel. Yellow & red sections.

Hère is a FluidRay render with a glass material.

In Flamingo, thèse are glass but the transparence is set to 60

Thanks, Randy

Hi Randy,
Using the glass material and changing the transparency color & roughness is probably the best way. The plastic material wouldn’t be useful because it’s not transparent

Hi Nicola,
I will try that, just opening Windows here at work.