Deep Integration with MODO

First, I’ve see a few say they need an .lxo import option before they even consider FluidRay. I would suggest implementing .lwo, which would make it possible to use Lightwave and MODO a little easier with FluidRay. Of course FBX, would probably be needed as well.
One thing I seriously hope is on your agenda is creating a MODO plugin for FluidRay. Please for the love of God make this!


Hi Schwyhart,
Thanks for the suggestions. We are really debating between a plugin for MODO that exports FluidRay RT files or making FluidRay RT import .lxo files. That said, making FluidRay RT import FBX files seems a pretty good idea, considering how widespread that format is.

Has any progress been made on a plugin?

Integration plugins are in the design phase right now.