Dll missing - error message

Congratulations on SketchFX (I’m a happy new user on Windows 7)!
There is one problem so far: sometimes, I get an error message like this:
"Hidden Windows: TosDIMonitor.exe - Sytem error.
x64-msvcrt-ruby220.dll missing. Try to reload…"
Reloading didn’t solve the problem: could you at Fluid Interactive check this and keep me posted please?

Hi Romark,
thanks for enjoying SketchFX! There’s a conflict with some other softwares using the Ruby dll. In this case, it’s a Toshiba Utility application giving the error. I guess that after the error you’re still able to use SketchFX, right? We’re working on the issue, but in the meantime you can get rid of the error by not running the Toshiba application (in case you don’t need it).


Thank you for a rapid and comprehensive answer: you’re right on all issues!
Since I don’t know which Toshiba Utility causes the problem, I’ll just wait for future improvements.

I have the same problem but with VIZ and the program notepad.exe
And I need it for notes. Are there any solutions?

There are currently no solution, but we are looking into the issue

We just released a new version of all the extension fixing the issue of the missing ruby dll, you can download from your user panel.