eGPU support on MAC

Is there any way to get the AO Sketchup plugin to use the eGPU on my MAC? SketchUp is set to prefer the eGPU, but when AO runs it thrashes the CPUs on the MAC, never utilised the eGPU.

Thank you.

AmbientOcclusion by design uses mostly the CPU.

Thankyou Nicola. Can you expand on why this is the case? Is there any plans to support eGPU? Many thanks

Contrary to popular belief, rendering programs based on path tracing are not always best suited for the GPU. There are performance and maintenance reasons why a CPU implementation is actually the best choice. For the time being, AmbientOcclusion is going be based on the CPU, and will use the GPU only for some operations.

Thank you for the explanation Nicola. It is very useful.