Environment Scale Sketchup

Hi. I’m struggling to get environments and backgrounds to scale properly in sketchup. This is including the environments that are pre-packed with the software. Everything looks TINY!

Also often the “Z” position is wrong so it looks like objects are floating. Is there a way to adjust this?

I’ve tried compensating by scaling and moving the model but it doesn’t work.

The environment can’t be scaled, you need to find the proper environment for your scene. You can download extra environments here: HDRIs • Poly Haven

Thanks for your reply. What do you mean by “proper” environment? One which is scaled to match the scene? I don’t know how you would ever establish that without lots of trial and error.

For example the interior scene that is bundled with AO has the same issue - any object I draw is always much too small in there. Therefore what could this ever the the “proper” environment for?

Yes, if you want to use the environment as background, it has to be scaled to match the scene. The main use of the environment is to provide illumination to the scene. You can still use the environment as illumination and use a different background image as background.

But the background image is just a static image? I’m trying to get an HDRi environment to appear properly scaled. Obviously if i use a .EXR HDRi environment it’s all skewed…

Scaling the original environment image makes no difference. I have taken the the same environment file and halfed it’s height and width. When I swap between the two images in AO the scale or position doesn’t change, the only difference is that the smaller image file is lower resolution so the background looks more pixellated

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The environment can be used for illumination and you can use a different static image as background. You will have to find a background image that fits, using the same environment as background image won’t work.