Fliudray for sketchup 2016

I was hoping someone could let me know if fluidray rt and sketchup 2016 will soon be available

FluidRay RT support for SketchUp 2016 will be released in the next few days.

Hello, and just a follow up on this. Has this been released? Need it BADLY today!

Nicola, I’m having a problem where the Fluidray extension does not show in Sketchup 2016. I’ve tried reinstalling the latest version of Fluidray 1.2.2. Really need some help on this please! Thanks!

Nicola, mi trovo con un gran problema. La estensione di Fluiray non carica nel Sketchup 2016. Ho provato a riinstallare la ultima version di Fluidray 1.2.2 senza risultato. Ho davvero bisogno di poterlo usare al piu presto! Grazie!

Hi Jonas,

Can you please send an email to our contact (http://www.fluidray.com/contact-support/) so we can send you the updated links privately?

Hi just following this discussion.
Does mean the is an update for sketchup 2016?

Yes, there is, please contact us privately to receive the links.