FluidImporter, Viz Pro and Bool for SU 2021

We’re pleased to announce that we’ve updated FluidImporter, Viz and Bool: they now support SU 2021. You can download them directly from their webpages or by clicking the “manage licenses” button contained in the purchase confirmation email. We’ll publish the updated versions of the other plugins very soon.

Help need - problem when dowlading Viz pro addon for sketchup

Bitdefender Total Security reports:

‘We have blocked this dangerous page for your protection:
Dangerous pages attempt to install software that may damage the device, collect information or act without your consent.’
The browser status line mentions: ‘VizPro-2.8.0.rbz - download impossible’. How to solve this issue ?

The website and all files are constantly checked for security and virus infections. Sometimes antivirus software can report false positives, claiming that a file/page is dangerous, while it’s not.
The solution is to temporarily disable the antivirus software and perform the installation, then enable the anti virus again. You can also contact the antivirus support to report the problem.

Bitdefinder has finally solved my dowload problem. The recognize it was a ‘false positive’.
Viz pro is for shetchup is now installed and activated.

thx for your support

Benot Zimmer