Fluidray Crashes when trying to open existing Fluidray files

For some reason, possibly after a recent upgrade to vers. 3.1, Fluidray crashes every time I try to open existing Fluidray files. This makes it very frustrating, as I can no longer open past files.

Any ideas?

Thanks, Greg.

Hello Greg, can you please send us one of the the files that is crashing to our contact email? If the file is big, please use WeTransfer.

Send the file via what email address?


I am having the same problem. Is there a fix? Fluid ray crashes when opening existing files. It also crashes when closing files. This problem started when I upgraded to the new version 3.1.

I am also getting a performance warning when applying the blue glass material to an object. “…then glass recommended…” the warning will not go away when I click “OK” so that I can continue work.

Hello, we are looking into those issues and they’ll be fixed in the upcoming release. Are you using Mac or Windows?

I am using MAC
how soon will the new release be out?

Don’t have a release estimate yet. You’ll be contacted directly by our customer service to speed up the resolution of the issue.