Glossiness - no effect in AO2.0


Great update!
Reflections works ok. Material editor is easy and I think AO2.0 is perfect for me.
But I have problems with glossiness. Whatever I do (parameters) the end result looks the same (like AO 1.x - matte).
Sketchup Make 2016.


Practice, practice, practice. I think I found a solution…

Not really. Glass effect is ok. Bump effect - ok. But how to make gloss effect?

Any suggestions?

For now, glossy materials are supported only if you use an environment map. Try to select an environment from the environment menu and it should work.

Hmmm - it would be great to have easy option for glossiness - matte<>gloss and slider between these two options. It’s not easy to obtain black, glossy chair now.