Guida per nodi \ guide for nodes

Buongiorno e complimenti per il programma che sto piacevolmente provando.
Vorrei chiedere se verranno fatte delle descrizioni, degli aiuti, per tutti i nodi non ancora spiegati…non è molto facile capire il funzionamento del grafico senza la conoscenza di molti pezzi del programma.

Hi all, i just want ask if will be made some hint and help for all not-well-known nodes in tree, I really dont understand some features of renderer without :(

Hi Gamera,
We are still in beta phase, so documentation is coming a little bit at the time. Anyway, pretty soon we are going to release another set of tutorials. Stay tuned!

Thanks! it will be nice test also others nodes of tree :)

Me too expect the new tutorials, i need to underestand several nodes.

We just added a bunch of new tutorials in the help page:
Please let us know if there still some places that need clarification!

i will done some test soon, btw i still dont know how to rotate maps (hdr enviroment too) cause when i change value on float, nothing happens.
Thx for tutorials, dont stop making!