[Help] Vizpro always shutdown when sketchup saving

My vizpro always shutdown when sketchup saving(or auto saving)。Every thing in Vizpro will lost。I can’t finish anything because of this problem。My sketchup version is 21.0.339 Chs。How should I fix this problem?

Hello UCWS, are you using windows or mac? Does the problem occur even with a blank Viz Pro project?

I am using windows. It doesn’t occur in blank Viz Pro project.
The situation in which the problem occur is used Sink node or Source node. Use other nodes are fine.
Is it because of using Chinese Simplified Sketchup or windows?

I doubt it’s because of the language, have you tried starting sketchup in English to see if that solves the problem? In the meanwhile, we’ll look into the issue.

The real reason is one of my plugin can’t work together with Vizpro.
Vizpro works fine in Sketchup Chinese Simplified with No Plugins.
Thank for your Help! @nicolaz

Also hope the future Vizpro can display Chinese words, not “~~~~~~~~~”.

What is the plugin that is causing problems?

It is a plugin pack tool. I’ll try to find which one is causing problems.