Help with intersecting lines

Heyo :wave:

New to Viz pro here (just found it the other day), just trying out the trial to see what it can do. Its looking really promising at the moment, huge potential in it.

Edit: Will review the sample projects too to see if anything’s in there :slight_smile:

I’m wondering if someone could help me out, I’m trying to make a node sequence that creates a ‘wireframe’ of a curved roof structure. At the moment I’ve managed to make the posts and the rafters (curved from post to post), however am struggling to find a way to create struts (orange in pics below), which connect to the rafters and hang down.

Is there a way to calculate where the start and end vector of the strut should be along the rafter, given the rafter has an adjustable radius and in some cases is not on a vertical plane?


Example of what I’m trying to replicate:

I tried opening the sample projects however none of them had any ‘Viz code’ saved, or it didn’t seem to show up. I saved the project above however when I open the file it won’t load any history, so the ‘code’ (if thats what its called?) doesn’t show up.

Would this be because I am using the trial version?

Hello Gav, are you using windows or Mac? What version of SketchUp?

Hello Nicola,
I’m using Windows 11 & Sketchup pro 2022

PC details below if it helps too:
AMD Ryzen 9 5900HX
32gb Ram
Nvidia Geforce RTX 3080

Hello Gav, thanks for the information, we’ll take a look at the issue.