How can I use section cuts in Sketch FX

I downloaded the SketchFX trial to see if it convinces me, so far I have been trying to apply the effects to some scenes I have with a section plane active to make perspective sections, but once I activate the presets, the section cut doesn’t works and it renders as if it wasn’t active. It’s possible to make the section plane active and render the efects within the section scene?? If you can’t apply FX to sectioned scenes, this plugin is a deffinitive no go for me

SketchFX supports sections planes with some limitations, especially if you’re using an AmbientOcclusion layer. Can you please share the SketchUp file (or, even better, a simplified version) you’re working on? You can sent it to me through a private message if you prefer.

I’ll can’t figure out why it doesn’t show section planes, I’m not using AO layer
How can I send you the file via private message?

Just click on my icon (“A”) and click “Message”; in the message editor you should have an upload icon. If the file is too big, you need to use something like WeTransfer.