How to change dpi and when is the render ready? Fluidray RT



I downloaded the free trial of Fluidray RT (65bit) to see if I could use it at work for interior and furniture renderings. However I can’t seem to find any clues to how I can adjust the dpi in the finished render image?
I have found how to choose the resolution (now using 1920x1080pxHD) but when I scale zoom into the render, it turns up pixelated.
How can I adjust the dpi (300 preferrably), and when do i know that the render is finished? I know it’s a real time render, but it would help to have an indication of how far there is to go until a presentable result has been reached.

Thank you.



Changing the resolution should adjust the dpi. Can you please show a screenshot that shows the pixellation effect you are describing?

Regarding when to stop the renderer, it really depends on the complexity of the scene being rendered. Normally you should stop the renderer when you are satisfied of the quality.


Here’s a part of a test render. Zoomed in twice.


I think you have to just let it render. Your graphics card is going to determine how quickly all the pixels will render. I don’t think there is a progress bar for rendering time. That would be nice. As far as dpi go I bring the image into Photoshop to verify and adjust that. The image shown has not rendered long enough.