IMPORT FAILED, Sketchup 2015 (ASE and FBX)

I want to say that I have been using Fluid Importer for a while to import OBJ files into Sketchup, and I just love it! It has been rock solid for me in that use.

As a paid user, I recently got an email telling me I was eligible for a free upgrade to the latest version, which was now supposed to open ASE and FBX files. I use a commercial animation program that uses both ASE and FBX file formats, so I have a bunch of files in both formats that work in their software (Based on the Unreal game engine)

Unfortunately, I have been unable to get Fluidimporter to open either of these file types. Is it possible that Sketchup still thinks I’m using the previous version that didn’t support these formats? (HELP shows the current Fluidimporter version number)

Is there any special consideration when loading an updated version?

I’m already a fan of your product, but If I can get the ASE and FBX import to work, I will be ecstatic!

Previous FluidImporter users got upgraded for free to FluidImporter Lite, which is still .obj only. To import all other formats (including ASE and FBX) you need to upgrade to FluidImporter Pro. The upgrade is not free but we provide a discount. You can try FluidImporter Pro and see if it suits your needs:

I had originally bought the PRO version, so I assumed I was getting the latest version of that. Here is a cut and paste from the email I received:

[quote]Dear FluidImporter Customer,

We just released a new version of FluidImporter Pro.

Please download FluidImporter Pro from here:

Use the following credentials to activate the product: ( activation code removed) [/quote]

Are you saying I have to pay for the pro version all over again? If so, I may no longer be a happy customer…

I you have the Pro version, just download the latest FluidImporter Pro from our website, the upgrade is free and it solves the import issues you were experiencing.

Nicola, Thanks for taking time to help! I appreciate that!

I checked, and the version I had loaded WAS the pro version. I DL the latest version , (which was slightly newer) and installed it. I managed to get one ASE file to import, but many many more did not… and none of the FBX files would open either.

Can you supply an email address where I can send a few of the files that won’t open so somebody can see if the files are saved in a format that is slightly different than the one your extension understands? Most of the ASE files were generated by the same Sketchup plugin… and most of the FBX files were generated by Blender in one of the older variants, not the current FBX format.

Since the last post I’ve gotten several FBX files to open, but only the one ASE file. The problem must originate with variations in the file format because the collection of files I’m testing were created by different people using different software. I’m almost certain the ASE files that won’t open were created with a Sketchup plugin, whereas the one that did open was created in 3DS max. The FBX files that did open were created in Blender or Autodesk’s FBX converter utility. But I know that some of the FBX that WON’T open were also created with Blender.

Not all version of FBX and ASE are supported.
For FBX, the following version should import correctly: FBX version 7.1 (FBX 2011), 7.2 (FBX 2012), and 7.3 (FBX 2013)
I know Blender used to export FBX in earlier version, but I’m not sure about the latest Blender.