Import materials?


I’m trying to render jewelry in a rose gold color. I was wondering if there was anyway to import a material to achieve this look?

Thank you!

share me your reference i will help you

Hello, I am having a similar issue (as well as modifying gemstone color). I watched a youtube video from 2014 but my version of FluidRay ( does not look the same or have the same controls as in the video. Is this because I am on a free version? Are there additional features that become available after I purchase a license? Or have the new versions of the software since 2014 changed the workflow for material modification and saving to user library? For example no matter where I click I cannot add a folder to user library.

Hi, I’m have same trouble, with the demo version I can use the materials and load from on line library but I can not change any other feature, is just a trial limitation?

Can you please give an example of the features you are trying to change that is not possible to change?