Imported FBX to Su NO TEXTURE

An imported FBX model into SU has not got any texture.

Imported model is either in map folder or in separate one and all textures are in map folder.
Neither option gets expected results. As advertised (and its price) the FluidImported PRO does not meet the expectation.

Please advise.

If you take a look at the fbx files, are the texture file paths relative or absolute?

Attached-please-file in question via WeTransfer:

The very same file opens extremely quickly and smoothly in SimLab compared to Fluidimporter PRO. All texture preserved and well mapped. I have got quite often a problem with texture mapping using FI Pro - this is never a case with SimLab.

No clue at all?

Today I have tried (in vain) to get into SU a model exported from Autodesk InfraWorks in fbx format.
The bastard model appears into SU, alas no texture at all.

Same fbx file is perfectly imported to 3Ds Max.
Even from 3Ds Max export/import as fbx does not work in SU.

Please advise.
Thank you in advance.