Imported model (fbx) not visible in Sketchup


Imported models from fbx files are not visible in Sketchup. Insted of a component content I have got a wired box whe\n selecting it.
They are recognised by vray though.

Fbx files were created by SpeedTree.

Thank you in advance for your kind and prompt response.


Is there anybody here to assist an user with a technical issue (as above)?

Have you checked if the imported materials are not completely transparent?

Yes I have just done it. Indeed the materials have a 1 % of transparency.

In spite of finding the culprit the bug remains.
In case on a quite large quantity of materials it could be very annoying to change their transparency.

Would it be possible to fix it promptly. The pluging Fluidimorter PRO does not work as expected as you can notice.

Thank you for your kind reaction, awaiting the fix with my best regards.

Can you please send a (small) model to our contact email that reproduces the problem?

Files have been sent to:

Hope this could be solved soon.
Thank you in advance and very much.

Any news?

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We just released a new version of FluidImporter that solves the issue, you can get it here:

Many thanks.
Hope it works well.