Importing objects


Hi there.
I didn’t see nor try any diferent option, but is there another way to impor geometry than the .obj extension?
Usually i do all my models in blender, but when i import them into fluidray whole scene is the same object; so i can’t apply different material to them.
It could be a mistake of me in the exporting step, but i’ve try everithing with the same result.


Hi, FluidRay RT imports .obj into a single mesh right now. If you want to have different materials, you need to assign the materials in blender before doing the export. Then, when you import in FluidRay, you’ll be able to assign different materials than the blender exported ones.
Soon there will be the option to import .obj into separate meshes



At this moment I’m testing your software. I’m working on an object that should have different metal finishings (for ex. brushing, polishing, sandblasting). I created the object in Rhinoceros for mac. To assign different materials I split the object in different parts (lets say: multi-split object). I consider these parts as stand alone objects (I even placed them on different layers). In Rhino the multi-split object has no materials assigned yet.
Once I open the file (.3ds) in Fluidray I try to click on every multi-split object, but it doesn’t show clearly what I’m clicking on: sometimes it shows a bounding box, other times it outlines the objects.
Secondly I’m un-able to assign different materials to the different multi-split parts. The whole (multi-split) object absorbs the same material.
This looks like the same problem as Alfageme menitoned above. Is it? Or has it a different reason? Can you explain what to do? Hope to get feedback soon,



Hello Piet,

To have different materials, please make sure each layer has a different material assigned. I also suggest using the .3DM file directly, because the .3ds file might lose some material information.


I’m supposing these obj issues are still relevant as I’m experiencing similar with Solidworks through Meshlab to OBJ import.