Importing texture maps from Substance Painter

Hi. I’m just starting out with FR and I’m trying to figure out the best way of bringing textures created in Substance Painter into FR to use on the mesh. I’m using the following set exported from Painter: Base color (diffuse), Metallic, Roughness and Normals.

Combination of nodes shown below seems to be working (although dark areas are a bit too dark) but I’m not quite sure if that’s the right way of doing it. I followed video tutorial about Normal Maps but the rest is just guesswork. What kind of nodes would be the best for applying textures like these and additionally, Ambient Occlusion?

Thanks in advance.

Hi Adam,

It really depends on the type of material you want to simulate and the look you want to achieve. For a metallic armor like this, the setup is pretty food (you might want to start from a pre-made metal from the library, because it has the physically correct refraction and absorption coefficients already set for you). But for other types of looks, you might want to experiment with the different “Surface Scattering” options available, such as velvet, mirror, obj, glossy, etc.

PS. ambient occlusion shouldn’t be necessary, because the global illumination algorithm in FluidRay RT takes care if that automatically

Thank you for the answer. Yes, using the library material seems to work better :slight_smile:

Also, two more quick questions:

  • how to replace HDRI image in the viewport with just a flat color, while keeping, of course, all the lighting. I’m doing it by plugging RGB Color node to Background Image output from Renderer. It this the right way?
  • how to integrate FR with SketchUp 2015 on Mac? It it possible? (tutorial video shows Windows and SketchUp with FR already integrated)
  • Yes, that’s the right way. You can also connect an image texture or a procedural texture if you want to have a background that is different from the HDRI image.
  • Integration for SketchUp 2015 for Mac is on the way, hopefully we’ll be able to release it soon.