Importing Volume objects - OpenVDB

Dear Sirs,

I’m totally lost regarding volume rendering in Fluidray. I found a complete feature section dedicated to it:

But .vdb is not listed as supprted format / extension.

My goal is to be able to render volumes exactly like on the link. Clouds, smoke, etc.
Also it would be rather interesting to have homogenous medium somehow.

Something like this.

Regarding the vdb: Do I have to simply make the volume to be included by the scene I’m importing to Fluidray? Would make sense.

Many thanks:

Hello Andreas,

Participating media are not supported in the current version of FluidRay. They used to be supported in the past, but after a major reworking of the internal we had to remove them. They will be added sometime in the future, but we don’t have an estimate time yet.

Many thanks for clearing this up.
Keep up the good work on this ufo+blackmagic stuff! My jaws were on the floor when discovered it.