Integrator and Sampler configuration

I´m working on the interior test scene and I put two mesh-light as lamp, configured the exterior light as a simple blackbody enviroment and reduce to minimun the ammount of glossy surfaces to control the light disperssion but what i have is still too noisy for the eye.
So, i´m using the bidir integrator a the low discrepancy sampler but i´m not sure how to configure them to give me more accurate render. For example, i decreasse the low discrepancy samples per pixel and what i have <img src='/uploads/default/43/f268d3b7d4008476.jpg'> is that 15 minutes later.
(Bidir with 48 max path length an lowDiscreapncy 2 spp)
And this is what i have after the same time with a 0.0005 spp on the low discrepancy…
<img src='/uploads/default/45/f85183f879ad87d9.jpg'>
So, it´s better with higher numbers or less?

Hi Alphageme,
Try to set the reflectance of the emitting material to 0. The samples per pixel influence only the number of samples that are done every frame. Changing that value will only change the interactivity. After the same amount of time 3 spp or 0.1 spp will reach the same quality.