Lights/emissive objects in AO?

Hi everyone!
I just started using the AmbientOcclusion with SketchUp.
Is it possible to render lights or emissive objects with AO? If no, is there any lighting plug-in for SketchUp that can also be combined with the renderings of AO?

Thanks a lot!

I too would love to be able to put light emitters here and there to add light into an enclosed area. This is important is Set Design for closed off / Stage space without windows… Right now I fake it with “sky lights” but it is inaccurate and not representative of a final set design…

This is not possible unfortunately. I’ve made this feature request via email to the developer last year. Currently the only way to change the lighting is to adjust the environment and environment rotation.

Not good news, How can interior be rendered if no lights ?