Liting up interiors

Hello everybody

This is my first attempt at AO and I have a few questions, I was hoping that some of you might help me with, all dealing with lighting fist you can see this is pretty dark, I have the Gain maxed up, and I was hoping that there is a way to bring in light sources. Or to lighten this up.

Thank you for any information, or suggestions.

Try reducing the “Occlusion Distance” parameter

Im having the same problem, how did you get on?

Hi Clinton,
did you try to decrease the Occlusion Distance paramenter?

Thank you for your reply- I sent an email to the AO and they inform me that you can’t add lights to a render (lamps - spots) ‘’ AmbientOcclusion supports only illumination coming from the environment, not lamps or spotlights’’. Have you managed to do?

Having the same problem-I would simply hide a wall from the scene to enable sun light.
Im looking to find away to add lamps etc ;((

Unfortunately there is no way to add lamps in AmbientOcclusion. You might want to take a look at FluidRay: