Mask and Mask Threshold - Materials


Could someone please elaborate on the MASK and MASK THRESHOLD settings in the material editor?

I have knowledge of masks in Photoshop etc…but don’t quite understand the purpose or best practice when it comes to being used in relation to “materials” in Fluidray.

Any advice would be helpful, and any NEW information and best practices for Fluidray, in general, would also be welcome.

I so badly want to love and use this versatile rendering program, but it has some major flaws and drawbacks…one being relevant user information, etc…the being no way to know what “environment” was used, or save its settings for future renders with a different model.

Basically, it seems I have to re-create that every time from trial and error…ugh.

If I have this wrong please let me know.



If you place a gray texture in MASK channel, all the pixels of the MASK that have a value less than MASK TRESHOLD will not be rendered. It can be useful for example if you are rendering leaves.

Did you check the help page and the tutorial videos?