Material issues

I thinks its safe to say that the reflections will appear where they are supposed to…now I will only adjust the roughness slider and see what that does. I’m leaving the spp setting at 256spp.

Yes, leave the normal slider to it’s default settings and just increase the roughness slider.

Does FluidRay have a ground plane/surface X, Y ?

I ask in relation to using default FR environments or backgrounds and how the 3D model sits on the X,Y axis plane and the importance (if any) to the models height on the “z” axis.

This I assume would have affect on how light travels into the Spa interior in this example?

The environments and backgrounds won’t be affected by the height on the Z axis. You can test that by panning the camera up and down, the environment / background you see will be the same.

Were you able to adjust the polished metal to your liking?

Thanks for the information on the Z axis.

Yes, I was able to get a good material based off a polished material and tweaked.

Today’s issue is a material surface that does not come out in the render. The SKP model has a surface, and I’ve checked to make sure it is not reversed in SKP. But for some reason it comes out Black.

Any thoughts on what I should check next?

Are you using the latest release of FluidRay, 2.4.2?

No…still 2.4.0

Looking to find where to update to latest release…

Not sure where to find the latest download, could you please let me know.

Also, will my existing “UserLibrary” get overridden or deleted when I update to the latest release?

Click on the Download button in your subscription confirmation email, or download directly from here:

Your user library will not be overridden or deleted.

Updated to 2.4.2…still same issues with the texture/material surface not rendering. Also noticed that the FR model has tiles on the reverse surface, but checked the SKP model and made sure there was NO texture on the reverse side and that all surfaces were facing the correct way? Weird!

Any thoughts on what to check next?

Can you please share the part of the model that is causing issues so we can take a look?

Here is the model and sample of the 2.4.2 FluidRay render.

I guess your forum won’t accept .skp files…do I email you that instead?

Ok so it says the file size is too big, and If I start taking away parts of the model, how do you know that won’t affect the “glitch” we are seeing?

Can I email you the file…its only 4.4mb even when Zipped?

I seem to figure out one issue…only to be faced with another. This program is really trying to do my head in.
As you have seen in past screen grabs the lights on the steps were working relatively fine. NOW, the same material, and same setting applied to “all similar materials” (ie: the light lens) only shows the one light having any type of “emission” effects…ugh! Notice the missing glow of blue on the stair tread?

Any thoughts??

Please send us the zipped file via email so we can take a look. You can reply to the email containing your activation credentials.

For the future, please avoid double posting. That will keep the conversation clear and useful for the other users in this forum.

Ok thanks. Email has been sent. :slight_smile: